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Final Major Project

Within the final year of my studies, my major project design idea was based off something I do regularly in my spare time. Which is browsing properties online, with a future goal to buy and sell my own.


Create a concept design for a website were anyone can list their properties online without the need to go through a costly estate agent.


Even though we did study coding with HTML, CSS and some PHP, my strongest skills at the time were in design. So I decided to focus on getting better through design, using Photoshop and improving UX.

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Studio Eleven

As part of our studies, we were tasked as a group to do a real life freelance project. The company we were to work with was called Studio Eleven, a small independent Art Studio based in Hull.


My goals were to focus on the design aspect of the project, so to the right you can see my final design idea for the business.


I was tasked with helping out my other classmates with setting up the site, which included mostly HTML and CSS. Any PHP was completed by others. The site we created is no longer live, so I am not able to share this working.

The Degree Show

At the very end of our Degree course, and for everyone in different courses, Hull School of Art & Design host the Degree Show. This is were we invite companies, students, friends and family to see our work over the years. We can showcase our projects and talk to prospective employers to progress into a career after study.

I had already interviewed with Autoweb and began working for them before the Degree Show started, so I was thankful to not have the pressure of 'selling myself' during the show and could enjoy other peoples creations around the building.

Degree Show Website

I designed the advertisement website for the Degree Show. This website hosted the work for NEWMEDIA15, which included Web Designers, Games Designers and Animators.

Flyer Invite

I created a general Flyer design and a custom one to send out personally inviting companies to come to the show.